LaBelle Spearheads MLS League

LaBelle Spearheads MLS League

American esports star signs New York Red Bulls deal for exciting venture.


YouTube sensation Michael LaBelle has signed a deal with the New York Red Bulls to take part in Major League Soccer’s new EA Sports FIFA competitive league.

The Houston native is a former FIFA national champion, who took part in the FIFAeWorld Cup and created a YouTube channel with 280,000 subscribers.

The 28-year-old said, “New York Red Bulls are known for thinking outside the box.There’s no other league in the world that’s running esports to the degree that MLS is trying to.”

FIFA players started joining MLS teams in 2017 and LaBelle added, “Now we’re going to see an explosion of signings, with all these different players joining clubs. You’ll have esports players interacting with the players in the club. It’s an exciting time.”

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